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Building Management System (BMS) is a building control and management system designed to optimize building performance and improve energy efficiency. Schneider systems are designed to alleviate the problems associated with maintaining a consistent building environment. Each system is customized to your specific requirements, allowing for control and management.

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Another key benefit of building automation is that it resolves the long-standing competition between more comfort versus more efficiency. With reams of new data, you can make informed decisions about how to best reduce or eliminate energy waste. For example, if rooms are unoccupied, you can turn the lights off or reduce HVAC output until the occupants return.

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With new building automation solutions, you not only integrate these historically siloed systems, you also gain visibility and control over them from a single view. That streamlines decision-making and saves you time.While building automation systems are configured to meet the specific needs of a building and its occupants, each shares the following elements: Software / Field controllers / A communication bus / Network controllers/ Downstream end-devices for occupant control (thermostats, room controllers).